Markets We Serve

B.L. Downey Company LLC- The Industry Leader

B.L. Downey Company specializes in coating products and parts for all types of manufacturers with the most high quality pretreatment for E-coating and Powder Coating, or a combination of E-coat and Powder Coat (POE).

The long list of the types of parts we have coated during our 53 years in business encompasses everything from A (Automotive and Architecture) to Z (Zoo & Park Outdoor Furniture and Fencing – and even sculptures!).

B.L. Downey Company has the unique ability to serve specialty markets by applying the knowledge and experience it has gained through various types of certifications. We have put together a partial list of some of these specialized areas.

Please scroll through our list at right to look for examples of items we have coated in your industry. If you don’t see your industry listed at left, give us a call at 800-323-1206 and we will be happy to send you references and examples of  items we have coated that are similar to yours.

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