Our Capabilities

B.L. Downey Company LLC has six (6) cathodic Electrodeposition,
“E-coat”new_ecoat_capabiprocessing lines, that enable us to coat steel, magnesium, aluminum, iron, galvanized steel, castings and other metal parts from the size of a 0.5 inch threaded nut to a 30 foot stucture. We can also apply a partial E-coat on parts that only require a specific portion of the part to be E-coated. B.L. Downey Company can E-coat in six colors: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Gray or Medium Gray. Our pretreatment processes range from iron phosphate, zinc phosphate and several other proprietary pretreatment processes developed through our 15 plus years of experience E-coating numerous metals for a variety of industries.




Plant processing capacities are virtually limitless. Our smaller
lines are able to produce over 500,000 finished parts per day.
At B.L. Downey ecoatcapabilitiesimage2Company any shape and size can be E-coated to your specifications, quickly and easily due to our extensive experience hanging and masking different size parts every day. Our six E-coat processing lines are computer controlled and monitored to ensure uniform film builds and coating integrity on every part. B.L. Downey Company’s E-coating technology and experience will provide a durable, single coat protective coating that covers and protects the entire part or product so that even corners, edges, bends, crevices and recessed areas are completely protected on every part every time.