B.L. Downey Company is certified by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) for REBAR and wire reinforcing steel products that are buried in concrete such as that used for roadways, bridges, parking structures, and much more. Our Fusion Bond Epoxy(FBE) coating processes meet the D. O. T. (Department of Transportation) requirements in twenty-two states, and two Canadian provinces. We apply these processes to everything that is coated at B.L. Downey Company in order to provide you with the highest quality finish.



• Road Mesh
• Steel Channeling
• Steel Tubing
• Dowel Baskets
• Slab /Beam Bolsters
• Transverse Bar Assemblies (TBAs)
• Anchors
• High Chairs
• Couplers
• Spirals
• Nuts and Spacers
• Bridge Tension Wires
• Cables
• Concrete Reinforcement
• Guard Rails • Parking Garage Panels • FBE Mesh