What is E-coating?


ecoatimage1There are six Electrodeposition, “E-coat”, processing lines at B.L. Downey Company that enable us to coat metal parts from the size of a 0.5″ threaded nut to a 30 ft. steel structure. We can also provide a partial E-coat on parts that only require a certain portion of the part to be coated. We can coat in six colors: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Gray or Medium ASA 33 Gray and offer iron or zinc posphate along with specialty pre-treatment on all systems.




ecoatimage_rightPlant processing capacities are virtually limitless. The smaller lines are able to produce over 500,000 finished parts per day. A variety of shapes and sizes can be coated to your specifications. Our six E-coat processing lines are computer-controlled for uniform coverage and reliability. This will provide a durable, single coat protective coating for multi-metal stampings and fabrications. Since E-coat is applied in a thin 0.5 to 1.8 mil film, all bends and crevices, as well as edges, can be coated on the inside and over the entire surface.


Electrocoating (E-coat) is a process in which electrically charged particles are deposited out of a water suspension to coat a conductive part. During the electrocoat process, paint is applied to a part to produce a uniform film thickness, that is regulated by the amount of voltage applied. The deposition is self-limiting and slows down as the applied coating electrically insulates the part. E-coat solids deposit initially in the areas closest to the counter electrode. As these areas become insulated to current, solids are deposited in more recessed bare metal areas to provide complete coverage. This phenomenon is known as throwing power and is a critical aspect of the electrocoat process. E-coat is a technology used worldwide to achieve high-quality, low-cost  finishes at a level of efficiency and environmental compliance no other finishing method approaches. The performance advantages, along with reduced finishing costs, have made it a growing technology that will continue long into the future as new uses and technologies are developed.

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